Calf Ropers Shop at Coolhorse – Top 10 Calf Roping Products

Here at Coolhorse we carry the top brands in the sport of Calf Roping. Some of our best sellers coming from Rattler Rope by Equibrand…they do say “Nothing Comes Close.” We also carry the popular “Nothin But Neck” breakaway hondo’s for the practice pen. We are not short of choices when it comes to the right piggin strings! Lyles Ropes & Strings are some of our top sellers. Haven’t heard of anything you like yet? We have a wide variety of ropes also including Cactus Ropes and their top selection of Calf Ropes. We have done the research for you and given you a list of our best sellers. We might say that “Nothing Comes Close” to our calf roping product selection. 😉


Trailer Service Technician Wanted

Coolhorse Trailer Service in Amarillo, Texas, is looking for an additional Full Time Trailer Service Technician to join our team.

Our primary business revolves around aluminum and steel horse and stock trailers but also includes cargo trailers, flat bed trailers, RV’s, boat trailers, and hitch and brake installation in vehicles. Work includes axles, brakes, bearings, lights, welding, fabrication, generator service, repair and installation. We also work daily on living quarters and RV’s and this includes air conditioners, plumbing, electrical, refrigerators, hot water heaters, electronics, trim work, and most other aspects involved with this industry.

Our business has been built around quality, diligent work and above-and-beyond customer service. If you don’t do well around customers and other teammates; strive for detailed, clean work; keep an organized shop; arrive early for your job; and work efficiently throughout the day, you probably won’t fit our team.

Ideal applicant would have 2 or more years…