We know that nice, hand made saddles are not cheap. We also know that sometimes it's just not feasible to let go of the cash required to buy an upper-end saddle. for these reasons, Coolhorse has created a saddle lay-a-way program.

Benefits to using the Coolhorse Lay-A-Way program

  • Less expensive than credit cards... No Interest Charged!!!
  • Secures or places that hard to find saddle on hold for you so it doesn't sell
  • Allows you to purchase a nicer saddle than you had previously budgeted
  • Allows you room in your budget to pay out over 2 or 3 months
  • Opportunity to take a trade-in-saddle for partial payment

Two different payment options to choose from

  • Saddles under $1,000 - immediate deposit (or saddle trade) of at least 1/3 (33%) and additional payments within 60 days (total of 3 payments)
  • Saddles over $1,000 - immediate deposit (or saddle trade) of at least 1/4 (25%) and 3 Additional payments within 90 days (total of 4 payments)

Sorry, No Cash Refunds. We can only offer-in-store credit if you choose not to complete your transaction in the required time period.

Contact us today to learn more about the Coolhorse Saddle Lay-A-Way program or call 800-749-0522 or you can simply "purchase" the saddle you would like online and leave a note to us in the "Notes" section during checkout that you would like to take advantage of our lay-a-way program. We will contact you before we process the order to work out the payment arrangement before we charge your credit card.

Saddle Lay-A-Way FAQ's

Q. How long of a period do I have to pay out my saddle?
A. Either 60 days if it's below $1,000 or 90 days if it's over $1,000

Q. Does Coolhorse charge interest for saddles on lay-a-way?
A. No. we do not charge any interest on our saddle lay-a-way program

Q. Can I trade in a saddle for my initial deposit or payments?
A. Absolutely, if it's a saddle that we might be interested in trade for, we will give you a trade allowance/value and this amount can be applied to any payment during the process. We can even take it as your final payment which reduces the time you might be without a saddle. Please visit our web page to learn more about trading in your saddle with us.

Q. What if I change my mind after i've put the saddle on lay-a-way can I get my money back?
A. Sorry, we are not able to give cash refunds. However, we would be happy to give your an in-store credit or full balance in the form of a Coolhorse Gift Card.

Q. Can I place a saddle on hold or place a deposit on it online (during weekends, after business hours, etc)?
A. Yes and there are several different methods you can do this to secure the saddle (since all of our saddles are fist come, first served).

Q. What happens if I do not like my layaway saddle after I receive it?
A. Layaway saddles cannot be returned, however you have the option of trading your saddle in towards another saddle or trading it for in-store credit on a Coolhorse gift card in the full amount that you have paid.

Q. How do I put a saddle I want on the Coolhorse web site on Layaway?
A. Purchase the saddle online and put in the "notes" section during the checkout not to run your entire balance, that you would like to place a lay-a-way plan. Also, please Email us the saddle number and your contact information - we will contact you the following business day to make payment arrangements

Q. Can I custom order a saddle and place this on a lay-a-way program whiles it's being built?
A. Sure, we can custom order a saddle specifically for you from Martin Saddlery, Cactus Saddlery, Circle Y, or Coolhorse saddle. This usually works well because it normally takes 3-4 months to have a saddle built. By the time it's complete, there is normally 1 payment left.

Please call 800-749-0522 or email us at info@coolhorse.com with any other saddle lay-a-way questions.