Tom Balding Long S Hinge Port Bit

Tom Balding Long S Hinge Port Bit

Brand: Tom Balding Bits and Spurs
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Category: Bit

Brand:Tom Balding Bits and Spurs


8 1/4" Stainless steel Shank
Hinge Port mouth with Copper Roller
Stainless Steel dots
Tom Balding's precision craftsmanship is highlighted in the stailess steel Long S© shank with stainless dots. The mouthpiece is the Hinge Port© with a copper roller.  You get independent side action with the hinge port, great for lifting a shoulder or fine tuning alignment, when you lift one side alone.  Lift both reins together and you engage the palate pressure for neat stops.  Hinge ports are a popular choice among ropers and performance horsemen for those two different mode-of-action scenarios. 
“I used the Tom Balding™ “S” Shank Hinge Port™ for years. It's a life saver on the corner and gives me the consistent results I need … A super bit.” Bobby Harris