Performance Pony Hackamore

Performance Pony Hackamore

Brand: Performance Pony
Code: 1008PP


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Category: Bit

Brand:Performance Pony


Performance Pony Company's #1 seller! The pony hack give riders control while keeping them out of the ponies mouth. The noseband and cheek pieces distribute pressure across multiple pressure points allowing the rider to have control with putting all the pressure in one place. 


Great for riders who are learning how much pressure to use and balance. Young riders often got through a "heavy handed/jerky" phase and tend to balance on the reins when learning to go faster, the hackamore keeps them from pulling on the pony's mouth and teaching the pony bad habits while learning.


Curb chain included!


It can also be good to keep a pony bit around for higher speed, faster events where more direct pressure needs to be applied when turning and stopping.