Mayatex Inc. 34"X68" Durango Show Saddle Blanket- Blue/Cream

Mayatex Inc. 34"X68" Durango Show Saddle Blanket- Blue/Cream

Brand: Mayatex Inc.
Code: 1308B-7
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Category: Saddle Pad

Brand:Mayatex Inc.



  • 34" Spine Length Folded (68" Unfolded)
  • 34" Blanket top length folded (68" Unfolded) 
  • 14" Drop
  • 1/2" Thick Folded (1/4" Unfolded) 
  • Wool
  • Wear Leathers
  • New Zealand Wool

A stylish heavy-weight double saddle blanket woven with New Zealand Wool.

The Mayatex Inc. 34"X68" Durango Ranch Saddle Blanket in Cream/Black is a high-quality and visually striking saddle blanket designed to provide both style and functionality. With its unique cream and black color combination, this blanket is sure to catch the eye of riders and spectators alike.

Measuring 34 inches by 68 inches, this saddle blanket offers ample coverage and protection for your horse's back. Its size is suitable for a variety of horse breeds and saddle types, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you're using it for everyday riding or for competitions, this saddle blanket is up to the task.