Plastic Burner

Plastic Burner

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Category: Roping Supplies



Assorted Colors

Burners can be made of a variety of materials including leather, rawhide, or plastic. The job of a "burner" is to protect the honda from wear, help the honda hold its shape, and it helps the rope slide through the honda. This plastic burner can also be referred to as a "speed burner" because the rope slides over the plastic faster than it does any other type of burner. Our burner measures 1 1/2" and is one size fits all. Need help putting it on? Try warming up the burner in some hot water and pry it onto the honda using a long-handled tool (such as fencing pliers, hoof nippers, or regular pliers with long handles). With a little patience and some steady pressure you should be able to pop the burner right onto your honda.