Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse 3OZ
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Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse 3OZ

Brand: Vetericyn
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  • Especially formulated to treat ear wounds and infections while not harming any healthy tissue. Kills 99.99% of all
  • single-cell pathogens in 30 seconds including bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores
  • A positive side benefit of using this product is that it will reduce or completely eliminate odors
  • This product is as safe as saline and is not harmful to the environment or the animal. This solution will not even
  • stain clothing or furniture after application
  • Great for use on all types of animals. This product will work just as great on a dog as it would on a horse
  • Designed to be easy to use which improves your animals compliance when applying the product. Perfect for irritated ears, flushing, cleaning, or daily maintenance

Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse helps maintain healthy clean ears while also reducing risk of irritation. Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse has an appropriate formulated pH level that helps to not burn or sting when in use. Using Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse helps flush, clean and care for wounds and irritations that are on the outer parts of the ear and ear canal. It's also great for irritations caused by containment or pollutants. Use daily to help reduce the risk of irritation.