Back on Track Performance Bell Boots

Back on Track Performance Bell Boots

Brand: Back On Track
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Category: Leg Gear

Brand:Back On Track


Leveraging Back on Track’s state-of-the-art Welltex technology, the Performance Bell Boots may help reduce inflammation and soreness while your horse is in motion. They have a thick rubber exterior, providing a durable layer of protection for your horse’s hooves. These boots were designed to sit tight on your horse’s hooves to protect the heel, making them great for use during exercise.
One of the major differences between the Performance Bell Boots and the Therapeutic Bell Boots is that the Performance Bell Boots have a flexible yet durable outer shell, while the Therapeutic Bell Boots are made with a firm, nylon outer shell. Additionally, if you are looking to get a set of products, the new shell on the Performance Bell Boots complements the Tendon Boots and Work Boots style very nicely.