Hi-Pro Beef Finisher Ration Hull Mix (#291) 50 lb bag

Hi-Pro Beef Finisher Ration Hull Mix (#291) 50 lb bag

Brand: Hi-Pro
Code: 291



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Category: Cattle Feeds

Brand: Hi-Pro

Condition: New

Only available for local store pickup or delivery within 20 miles of Amarillo, Texas.

  • Crude Protein: 12.0%
  • Crude Fat 4.%
  • Crude Fiber 12.5%
  • Calcium .5%

Feed from 1.5% to 2.5% of body weight to beef cattle after cattle have been brought up to full feed on Hi-Pro Cattle Starter Rations. Daily feed allowance shoals be divided into two or more equal feedings per day to help prevent digestive upsets. Hi-Pro Finisher Ration contains a high grain level this insures maximum performance for finishing cattle. Because of the high grain level, #291 should be introduced to animals gradually, until the desired feeding level is achieved hand feed to mature cattle with hay or other roughage to help prevent digestive upsets. This feed is not designed for breeding bulls.Contains added copper - DO NOT feed to sheep.

Features & Benefits

Palatable textured complete ration for growing or finishing cattle

Fast gains and efficient feed conversion.

Steam flake corn- Steam flaking increasing starch availability and digestibility.

Trace mineral and vitamin fortified- Provides nutritionally essential trace minerals to meet increased requirements for growth and metabolism.