Reinsman Argentine Twisted Sweet & Sour Snaffle

Reinsman Argentine Twisted Sweet & Sour Snaffle

Brand: Reinsman
Code: 426



Category: Bit

Brand: Reinsman

Condition: New

  • Mouth 5”
  • Purchase 2 1/2”
  • Shank 7 1/2”
  • Full Cheek 5 1/2”

The Argentine cheeks has always been a great choice and continues to be highly popular. The only thing that can improve upon this age-tested design is Reinsman’s Sweet & Sour mouthpiece! Like a green apple dipped in molasses, the combination of copper and sweet iron are very appealing to the horse, with the added bonus of increased salivation – making for a softer mouth. A highly versatile bit, it is a good transitional choice for introducing curb pressure and is a great everyday riding bit with its average shank length. Mullen relief is used on all our snaffle mouthpieces which is a forward curve that creates even pressure across the bars and tongue to eliminate the nutcracker effect.