Dutton D-Ring Dogbone Snaffle Bit

Dutton D-Ring Dogbone Snaffle Bit

Brand: Dutton Bits
Code: 43-19


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Category: Bit

Brand:Dutton Bits


  • Mouth 5"
  • Ring Diameter 2 1/2"
  • Ring Thickness 1/4"
  • Copper Inlaid Snaffle

This Dutton bit has a copper inlaid snaffle mouth with dog bone center pairs up with Dutton's off set dee ring for a great little bit. The dog bone in the center adds tongue pressure to encourage a horse to drop his head and engage all the way through his back and rear end, while allowing the bars to break to the outside resulting in contact on different nerves for a better response. Offset dees allow you to pull a horse's head around for better lateral control and flexion.