Durvet AspirEze+ 28 day Supply
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Durvet AspirEze+ 28 day Supply

Brand: Durvet
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Category: Healthcare

Brand: Durvet

Condition: New

  • 28 Day Supply
  • Apple flavored - more palatable than the original ArthriEze
  • No aspirin odor or visual evidence of aspirin
  • 30% smaller dose means less weight, less shelf space required
  • Precise, effective dosage established through extensive clinical trials
  • Very effective - customers will see a difference within hours, even in chronic cases
  • Tested safe for use in pregnant mares and very old horses
  • May be used long-term for chronic conditions, such as arthritis and lameness
  • Contains the most potent OTC drug that dealers are allowed to sell

AspirEze+ from Durvet aids in the temporary relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and soft tissue pain in horses. Microencapsulated to enhance palatability and for ease of administration by horse owner, buffered for safety.