5 Star 1" Natural Fleece Bottom Saddle Pad- 32"X32"

5 Star 1" Natural Fleece Bottom Saddle Pad- 32"X32"

Brand: 5 Star
Code: 5S-1WN-FS-FLC

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Category: Saddle Pad

Brand:5 Star


Attention to detail and superb construction sets the 5 Star "Performer" Saddle Pad apart from the competition. Constructed from 100% wool felt with a wool fleece lining, this pad absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the surface of the coat.  Specially designed to customize to the unique shape of your horse's back, the two-piece construction allows independent movement on each side and does not bind over the withers.

This high-performance saddle pad will give you better compression protection than synthetic materials, all while evenly distributing weight and absorbing impact to create the ultimate in comfortable protection for your horse. The Performer style is ideal for ropers, cutters, reiners, trail riders, and is great for larger skirted saddles.