Manna Pro Nutrigood FruitSnax Pumpkinberry and Oat Horse Treats

Manna Pro Nutrigood FruitSnax Pumpkinberry and Oat Horse Treats

Brand: MannaPro
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Category: Healthcare



  • GREAT TASTE HORSES LOVE: FruitSnax outperforms the leading premium horse treat in consumption and sniff tests. Horses love these!
  • SMELL THE DIFFERENCE: So tasty, you can smell it! FruitSnax smell so amazing, you might even be tempted to try one yourself.
  • DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY HORSE TREATS: Made with superfoods, our FruitSnax horse treats are both healthy AND delicious. No compromises here.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR DYES: Feel good about pampering your horse! FruitSnax are made without any artificial flavors or dyes, so you can treat your horse without all the bad stuff.
For health-conscious and caring horse owners, NUTRIGOOD® FRUITSNAX™ is one of the only brands of horse treats that offer the healthiest attributes for your horse because they use real pieces of fruit as nature intended. Horses love them and they're backed by Manna Pro’s great taste guarantee to prove it. Made with no artificial flavors or dyes, real fruit pieces, and wholesome oats, FRUITSNAX™ packs the flavor into each bite!