Tough 1 Refresh Ceramic Infused Hock Boots

Tough 1 Refresh Ceramic Infused Hock Boots

Brand: Tough 1
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Category: Leg Gear

Brand:Tough 1


These ceramic-infused hock boots are great for pre and post workouts. They are helpful for relaxing muscles and aiding in quick recovery and rehab by reducing swelling. The ceramic-infused fibers absorb your horse's heat and return it to the horse as far-infrared rays. These rays penetrate deep into the body tissue, expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation. This increased circulation helps to repair damaged muscles, reduce inflammation, and loosen up the tight muscles. Made of durable 3/8” ceramic infused neoprene. Sold as a pair.

Always consult a veterinarian for professional advice regarding your horse’s health; this product is making no medical claims. It’s recommended to introduce ceramic therapy products slowly to your horse as extended wear in the first 3 days can cause fluid