Start to Finish Cool Calories 100 20lbs.

Start to Finish Cool Calories 100 20lbs.

Brand: Start to Finish
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Category: Healthcare

Brand:Start to Finish


Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Crude Fat, min: 99.0%
  • Total Fatty Acid, min: 95.0%
  • Free Fatty Acids, max: 1.0%
  • Unsaponifiable Matter, max: 1.5%
  • Insoluble Impurities, max: 0.5%
  • Moisture, max: 1.0%
  • Supply your horse with the energy and focus needed to reach full performance potential! Cool Calories 100 is fed and recommended by many world renowned trainers and Olympic riders from all over the world because of its ability to deliver easily directed energy without creating a high strung horse.

    This concentrated supplement provides essential fatty acids for skin and coat as well as calories needed for weight gain and focused energy. Formulated with 100% dry vegetable fat, it contains no sugar or carbohydrates and provides five times the amount of fat as stabilized rice bran.

    Very palatable and easy to mix with grain. Suited for all types of horses and does not conflict with fortified feeds. 
    **Please note item only comes in resealable BAGS.**
    Daily Dose: Cool Calories feeding should begin slowly 1-2 oz. per day. You can gradually increased to accomplish the desired weight gain or coat condition. Cool Calories can be fed at a rate of up to 8 oz. per feeding without problems. Please see label for complete dosage instructions.