Oralx: Electro-Plex 34gm

Oralx: Electro-Plex 34gm

Brand: Oralx
Code: 7611070015

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Category: Healthcare



  • Chelated trace minerals are the key to fast absorption
  • Helps replace the minerals that are lost during strenuous exercise
  • Important B vitamins and nineteen different amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids

The main purpose of an electrolyte is to help prevent dehydration. Electro-plex helps replace the minerals that are lost from the equine athlete's system during exertion. Just as important, however, Electro-plex is very effective in stimulating a horse to drink water. Hot weather and heavy exercise take their toll on a horse's system. Electro-plex excels at meeting the extreme demands that these factors play on a horse's system.