Horse Guard Hoof & Hair Guard- 10 lb

Horse Guard Hoof & Hair Guard- 10 lb

Brand: Horse Guard
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Brand: Horse Guard

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Hoof and Hair Guard provides 100 mg of biotin per dose with support from important nutrients such as methionine and zinc. It is carried in extruded soybeans which provide high-quality protein and oils which aid in hair conditioning and hoof health.

100 mg of biotin per dose! This is 5 times the biotin of most hoof health products. Biotin helps strengthen hair and hooves.

Methionine — An essential amino acid that works synergistically with the other hoof nutrients to help deliver healthy replacement of structural protein for the hoof.

Zinc Proteinate – Aids greatly in improving hoof strength and resistance to cracks. The proteinated form of zinc that we use has a much higher absorption rate than other forms of zinc.

Protein – Hoof & Hair Guard is in a soybean base that aids in providing an easily digestible protein.

Soy Oils – These healthy oils provide energy and promote an attractive glossy hair coat.