Lubrisyn Equine (Quart)

Lubrisyn Equine (Quart)

Brand: LubriSyn
Code: 8424400034

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Category: Healthcare



  • One active ingredient: hyaluronan (HA)
  • Higher molecular weight formula

LubriSyn is the revolutionary joint supplement with one active ingredient: hyaluronan (HA). Following the findings of the NIH GAIT study, showing that glucosamine and chondroitin are no more effective than a placebo when it comes to joint pain relief, LubriSyn is emerging as the leading effective joint supplement on the market today.

What makes LubriSyn a joint necessity? Our unique higher molecular weight formula ensures the integrity of the synovial fluid - the key component for the protection and lubrication of the joints of all mammals!

Owners, trainers and veterinarians will tell you: Joint health is not a one-shot deal! LubriSyn gives you a daily dose for fluid joints, reducing the need for stressful and expensive frequent joint injections. LubriSyn is Your Source for a Sound Horse - the natural way!