Back On Track Limber Up LiniMint Back and Body Brace- 8oz.

Back On Track Limber Up LiniMint Back and Body Brace- 8oz.

Brand: Back On Track
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Category: Healthcare

Brand:Back On Track


  • All-natural cooling liniment
  • Helps improve suppleness and range of motion
  • Soothes overall aches, joint stiffness, muscle, tendon, and ligament soreness
  • BSCG certified drug free
  • Competition safe
  • Mini sprayer
  • 8 oz

Limber Up products are pesticide, sulfate & paraben free; nothing synthetic or artificial; non-GMO; Vet approved; made in USA.

• Use on animals with sensitive skin

• Cools, soothes and relaxes sore muscles

• Helps relieve soreness and swelling

• Use alone, under wraps or blankets

• Use straight or mix with water as a bath brace

• Helps tighten as a brace before or after exercise

• Use out of the bottle cold or apply hot

• 100% All-Natural, Good for all types of Sensitive Skinned Animals

• Certified Drug Free - BSCG Approved Competition Safe

• Peppermint Essential Oil is not only therapeutic but adds a wonderful scent

• Not greasy, won’t leave a residue

As a Body Brace and Bath Wash, dilute ½ to 1 oz in a gallon of water. Creates a stimulating and refreshing brace and wash. Use to sooth and cool down the large muscle groups. Has shown great results with Back on Track® Welltex® products & other types of therapy equipment and protocols.


ARNICA: Is one of the most beneficial substances found in nature. This powerful herb helps relieve common aches, strains, sprains, and bruising often associated with over-exertion. It is ideal for relaxing sore muscles and helping to reduce inflammation, swelling and bruising.

ALOE VERA: Has many beneficial properties; from being an anti-oxidant to helping sooth skin irritations, to adding resilience to the hair and coat.

ROSEHIP: Rich in vitamin C, potassium and a broad spectrum of bioflavonoids. Rosehip helps reduce inflammation and its properties provide a soft, effective resilience to the skin and coat.

ROSEMARY: Is a refreshing astringent helping to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. Used to help balance different skin and coat types through its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

YUCCA ROOT: Helps support the reduction of inflammation from abrasions. Often used in shampoos and other topicals to reduce the incidence of dandruff, hair loss and other dermatological conditions.

PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: Helps reduce inflammation and soreness often associated with joint stiffness, over-worked muscles, tendons and ligaments.

WITCH HAZEL: Is a natural cooling agent and astringent to help reduce the swelling, stiffness and tightness often associated with over-exertion. Its gentle non-caustic properties have long made Witch Hazel an excellent base solution for topical solutions.