Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength 3.75# Bag

Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength 3.75# Bag

Brand: Farnam
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Category: Healthcare

Brand: Farnam

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  • Supports hoof hydration, moisture retention and hoof hardness
  • Easy-feed nuggets support proper digestion and absorption
  • Ideal for building strong hooves, tendons and ligaments

This must-have equine supplement helps shield against cracked hooves and weak walls. The nutrients in this easy-feed supplement help support strong, tough, and flexible hooves from the inside out. It also supports strong tendons and ligaments. Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength is offered in small nuggets that are easily digested. This formulation provides better absorption for maximum benefits.

Directions: Initially feed 4 ounces (2 scoops) per day for 6 to 8 months. For maintenance, feed 2 ounces (1 scoop) per day. Enclosed scoop holds 2 ounces. Keep cool and dry. Reseal after each use.