Farnam Flysect Super 7 Ready-To-Use Fly Spray

Farnam Flysect Super 7 Ready-To-Use Fly Spray

Brand: Farnam
Code: 8662106287



Category: Healthcare

Brand: Farnam

Condition: New

  • Contains pyrethrins and permethrin
  • Immeditate and residual control of gnats, flies, mosquitoes, mites, chiggers, fleas, ticks, and lice
  • Contains two insecticides, plus two repellents
  • Aloe, Lanolin, and moisturizers condition the coat
  • Paba sunscreen protects against harmful UV rays
  • 32oz with sprayer

Flysect Super 7 Ready-To-Use Fly Spray from Farnam provides effective control for up to 5 to 10 days with one application. Contains 2 repellents, plus pyrethrins and permethrin to kill house, stable and face flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and lice. Aloe and lanolin conditioners protect and enhance the coat while a PABA sunscreen provides protection from harmful UV exposure. Also repels & kills mosquitoes that may transmit viral infections like West Nile.