Spurr's Big Fix 8oz Spray
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Spurr's Big Fix 8oz Spray

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Category: Healthcare


  • Safe and effective for use on livestock and household pets.
  • Topical antiseptic for killing fungus, bacteria, and germs.
  • Safe for daily use as a preventative maintenance to condition and moisturize hooves.
  • Treats thrush, white line disease, and other hoof issues.
  • Treats skin conditions including fungus, rain rot, and hot spots.

Spurr's Big Fix is an affordable, effective spray-on solution for wounds and hooves. Treatment with Spurr's eliminates the need to purchase multiple products, so you save money and storage space in your tack room or trailer. Spurr's Big Fix is an excellent hoof antiseptic and general-purpose conditioner, but it is also highly effective in treating wounds and a variety of equine skin conditions, including fungus and Rain Rot. Solution's active ingredients are iodine and alcohol, but it also includes tea tree oil, menthol, and eucalyptus oil for soothing treatment. Spurr's Big Fix has been tested and proven effective by leading horsemen and women, veterinarians and farriers. Non-staining formula has a pleasant tea tree oil and eucalyptus aroma. Non-clogging spray is quickly absorbed by the animal. Dress your horse's wounds with less mess, grease and odor.