Layer Pellets Poultry Feed 50 lb bag by Nutrena

Layer Pellets Poultry Feed 50 lb bag by Nutrena

Brand: Nutrena
Code: 91450



Category: Poultry Feeds

Brand: Nutrena

Condition: New

Only available for local store pickup or delivery within 20 miles of Amarillo, Texas.

  • Complete nutrition for the unique needs of laying hens
  • 16% protein and is fortified with vitamins and minerals to promote hen health and egg production
  • A complete layer feed—no need for supplementation
  • Crumble form encourages consumption
  • Available regionally in a pellet or a crumble form. Check with your local Nutrena® retailer for availability in your area.

Solid nutrition that provides your layers with the proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals needed to support health and produce quality eggs.

Crude Protein: 16.0%

Lysine: .7%

Crude Fat: 2.5%

Crude Fiber: 8.0%