Booma Rein

Booma Rein

Brand: Booma Rein
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Category: Rein

Brand: Booma Rein

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All riders fear losing the reins. Whether you drop them or they get yanked from you, if you lose the reins you lose control of your horse.  Even worse, if you lose the reins, they may get tangled in your horse’s legs.

That’s why the BOOMA was created, the flexible rein keeper. BOOMA tethers your reins to the pommel/swell on the saddle, so no matter what, they’re always within reach. And, BOOMA can’t slip over the head of the horse.

BOOMA is made of a flexible material, so the horse can lower its head to eat or drink without restriction. And, BOOMA is adjustable, so it will fit any horse and accommodate any rider.

Made of a durable and waterproof polypropylene, BOOMA attaches with a carabiner O-ring (included) for trail riding, training or everyday riding or directly to the rein for calf roping, barrel racing, great for kids and other high-intensity riding.