Best Ever 1" OG Fleesar Series Saddle Pad with Grey Croc Wear Leathers- 32"X32"

Best Ever 1" OG Fleesar Series Saddle Pad with Grey Croc Wear Leathers- 32"X32"

Brand: Best Ever
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Category: Saddle Pad

Brand:Best Ever


The Fleesar Saddle Pad Is Ideal For:

  • High Performance Events: From barrel racing, team roping, ranch rodeos, and more this fleece western saddle pad is designed with comfort in mind to aid in shock absorption, slip resistance, and moisture wicking.
  • High withered horses: Perfect for adding comfort for horses with slightly above average to high withers.
  • Sway back horses: Adding in comfort for horses with swaybacks the Fleesar Saddle Pad stays in place and cushions where it’s needed.
  • Horses with poor saddle fit: For horses with thin or sensitive skin that have issues with saddle pads rubbing the Fleesar pad is a great option as its soft lining keeps it from rubbing.

Saddle Pad Thickness:

  • The 1” pad is great for horses with sway backs in high performance events like barrel racing, roping and ranch rodeos.

The Fleesar Saddle Pad is part of our CEO Collection that was specially engineered in 2010 to aid in horse comfort for high performance events as a non-slip saddle pad. Perfect for giving a little extra support for performance horses, the Fleesar Series adds a fleece lining to create an especially soft feel for added comfort, shock absorption, and great moisture wicking ability to keep your horse cool. This fleece lined saddle pad is a great pad for horses where their current pad is rubbing or if they have thin or sensitive skin. This fully customizable fleece saddle pad is available in 1” thickness.