Bones Heading Dummy by Heel-O-Matic - Please Allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery

Bones Heading Dummy by Heel-O-Matic - Please Allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery

Brand: Heel-O-Matic



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Category: Roping Dummy

Brand: Heel-O-Matic

Condition: New

We have all colors available in store at this time with limited quantities. They are available for In-store pickup.

Best for Headers
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  • Key Feature: Most realistic mobile heading dummy
  • Length: 3ft 9"
  • Width: 2ft
  • Height: 2ft
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Made with: durable, molded plastic
  • Sturdy, wide base ensures that Bones won't tip, slip or slide.
  • Every Bones comes with a horn wrap and three sets of horns(19", 28", & 33") for variable practice scenarios.
  • Available in Black, Brown On Site in store
  • Purple
  • Natural horns also available.

Improving your rope handling skills is an important aspect of practice no matter whether you are a seasoned pro, an absolute amateur, or anywhere in between. The Bones dummy allows you to have a lifelike roping experience that will help you improve through controlled practice. Work on your aim, swing and accuracy without worrying about horse position or steer speed.

The Bones dummy gives a remarkably lifelike performance for a dummy made out of molded plastic. Dimensions carefully modeled after a Corriente steer give the Bones the most realistic shape on the market. With three sets of horns ranging from 19" to 33" you can simulate cattle of various sizes and horn spreads. You can even leave the horns off for a 14" spread perfect for calf or breakaway ropers. An included real horn wrap gives your dummy the real feel and protects it, giving you more years of enjoyment. If you would like to quickly and easily raise or lower the head of the Bones, simply add 5/16" bolts (not included) in the pre-drilled spots underneath.

The heavy 45 lb weight and wide base shape keeps your Bones upright and in place, no slip-sliding around, to help you get the most out of your practice minutes by saving repositioning time. A handle molded into his back makes the Bones easily portable. Take him inside during inclement weather and continue your practice no matter what conditions are outside. Take it in the truck or trailer to practice at ropings or provide hours of entertainment at social gatherings.

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