Bones 2.0 Heading Dummy by Heel-O-Matic

Bones 2.0 Heading Dummy by Heel-O-Matic

Brand: Heel-O-Matic
Code: BONES2.0
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Category: Roping Dummy



  • New lower headset help’s ropers form, swing angle, loop placement
  • Hide like material more realistic feel when pulling your slack
  • Standard bones horns are all interchangeable
  • Back storage compartment can be used as a cooler for drinks

The Look:

The BONES 2.0, from Heel-O-Matic, is the most advanced portable heading dummy on the market, combining a look and feel rivaled only by roping live cattle. The BONES 2.0 features an anatomically correct head, a lower headset, and gives headers the most common look they see roping live cattle. This helps ropers practice the proper swing angles, loop placement, and muscle memory to rope the horns.

The Feel:

The BONES 2.0 comes with a horn wrap and medium horns, but is also made of a hide-like feeling material. This combination gives ropers a realistic look and rope action to help them develop a feel for their rope and ability to handle their slack.

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