Coastal Hay Small Square Bales

Coastal Hay Small Square Bales

Brand: Other
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Category: Hay

Brand: Other

Condition: New

Only available for local store pickup or delivery within 20 miles of Amarillo, Texas.

  • Standard two wire bales of horse quality coastal bermudagrass hay
  • Grown in Texas
  • Weight per bale approximately 55-65 lbs

Coolhorse contracts our hay from only a few select growers. We have been told that we are very picky about our hay sources, but when your horse’s health is at stake we believe it is better to be particular than to be sorry. We choose only those growers with track records of excellent quality forage. You can measure the time we have been purchasing hay by the truckloads from our select hay growers in decades, not just in years.

Unfortunately, since many truckloads of hay pass through our hay barn each month we don’t have the opportunity have each load tested before it is sold. For this reason the exact nutritional information is not available. If you would like any details about the exact load of hay that is in our haybarn at any time, simply give us a call or drop us an email and we would be happy to answer your questions or help you choose a balanced diet for your horses or livestock.