Classic Equine 100% Mohair Colt Cinch

Classic Equine 100% Mohair Colt Cinch

Brand: Classic Equine
Code: CCC100N31

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Category: Cinches & Latigos

Brand:Classic Equine


  • 24”, 26”
  • 7-1/2" wide at widest
  • 3-1/4" wide buckle
  • 31 strands of 100% mohair fiber that is naturally soft and breathable.
  • It is incredibly strong, yet expands with movement, providing comfort for the horse and greater security for the rider.
  • The Mohair Colt Cinch helps prevent soreness by being 2" wider (4 strands more) than standard designs to disperse pressure over a larger surface area.

The custom stainless steel roller buckles on each end of the 100% Mohair Colt Cinch from Classic Equine make cinching easy and less noticeable to young horses. Also this Colt Cinch is perfect for riders that prefer long latigos on both sides. So you can’t go wrong with this colt cinch as it offers the utmost comfort.