Chute Help Easy Exit Stripping Chute with Ramp (Front Exit)

Chute Help Easy Exit Stripping Chute with Ramp (Front Exit)

Brand: Chute Help
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Category: Arena Supplies

Brand:Chute Help


Chute Help Easy Exit Stripping Chute is an advancement in roping arena technology. With its adjustable, Dual Ally Stops, it makes it easy for the steer or calf to push through and enter the chute with ease. These ally stops prevent the animal from backing out. As the animal moves toward the front of the Easy Exit Stripping Chute they are guided along in the center by the brand new Chute Help Steer Guides. The Chute Help Steer Guides prevent the animals from sudden, aggravated movements, laterally and keep their horns up in the air for easy rope removal. After the ropes are removed the animal can be released through the front exit gate by simply lifting the lever. After the steer steps off of the platform the roper can then return the lever to it's closed position, and it latches easily ready for the next steer or calf.

Custom powder coating available upon request for any color besides green for an additional charge. Lead time varies.