Coflex 4"

Coflex 4"

Brand: Co-Flex

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Category: Healthcare



  • Stretched: 4" x 5 yards
  • Unstretched: 4" x 2.2 yards
  • Made by Andover

4 inch tall Coflex is an absolute must for any horse owner to have on hand. I keep some in the truck, the trailer, the tack room, and even in the house! It's uses are endless. This flexible bandage is most commonly used for veterinary purposes such as to add a little support, pressure wrap a wound, or keep debris out of one. Self adhesive, so no tape is needed. Makes bandaging simple. It can also be used on tack and tools for extra grip or padding. Also a great way to keep long manes and tails neat without braiding them to eliminate curly hair at the shows. Assorted colors.

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