CoolFloor Rubber Trailer Flooring by Coolhorse

CoolFloor Rubber Trailer Flooring by Coolhorse

Brand: Coolhorse



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This ground rubber flooring system, installed by Coolhorse, provides several different uses that can greatly benefit your horse’s safety and comfort in your horse trailer and around your barn. You can expect to pay approximately $14.00 per sq. ft. for horse trailer installation and $16.00 per sq. ft. for barn application. Prices may vary slightly depending on cleaning and prep work required on area. CoolFloor is backed by a 2 year warranty covering workmanship (does not include pawing of horses/livestock).  Trailers do have to be at the shop in Amarillo, TX for four days for the flooring material to properly cure and finish.
Horse & Livestock Trailer Flooring
CoolFloor is designed to replace your traditional rubber floor mats and eliminate the need for wood shavings in your horse trailer with a non-slip, nearly indestructible surface with more cushion. This lessens fatigue and provides more secure footing to your horse and livestock while traveling, as well as, insulates the the trailer floor from the extreme temperatures of hot and cold highways. This adheres to the floor of your trailer so it can not be moved like normal rubber mats nor can any foreign material get underneath it.

CoolFloor can be installed in one of two ways. If you would like urine, or moisture, to flow through the floor, we pre-drill holes in the floor of your trailer and then the porous nature of the ground rubber flooring allows urine to simply drain through the floor. This means wood shavings are no longer needed. This method is the most popular in horse trailers, sheep trailers, and hog trailers. The non-porous install actually seals the top of the floor so no urine or loose manure can penetrate the rubber and is cleaned out similar to a traditional floor. This is the most popular in trailers hauling primarily cattle with large amounts of loose manure.

Stalls, Barns, Saddling, Breeding Areas and Wash Racks
CoolFloor can also provide the same non-slip flooring for areas around the barn while adding more cushion for your livestock. This can be applied over concrete or asphalt areas and can be porous or sealed to be non- porous. Works great in wash racks.

Walkways, Breezeways, Decks, and Patios
CoolFloor is great for walk comfort and grip for humans too. Easy on the feet, legs, and back and does not ice up - provides traction in nearly all types of weather.

Toy Haulers, Sand Rail, ATV Trailers
CoolFloor provides the same non-slip, tough flooring, while insulating and cushioning interior floors of toy haulers, construction trailers, concession trailers, and racing trailers. It is gasoline and oil resistant, making it a perfect floor to work on, haul, or store your toys.
Call Coolhorse today to discuss the benefits of this flooring and to get a quote for your particular application at 800-749-0522.