Equidyne Complete Horse Feed 50 lb Bag Pellet by Lakin Milling

Equidyne Complete Horse Feed 50 lb Bag Pellet by Lakin Milling

Brand: Lakin Milling



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Category: Horse Feeds

Brand: Lakin Milling

Condition: New

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  • Crude Protein 12%
  • Crude Fat .75%
  • Crude Fiber max 18.0%
    • This product is formulated for horses at hard work or being fitted for show. The roughage portion of Equidyne is identical to Estrella Brand, and cracked corn (15%) and a complete vitamin-mineral package have been added. Grain content remains low enough to minimize chances of founder and other metabolic disorders. To fuel performance horses or bring halter horses to absolute peak condition, additional grain may be supplemented.

      Volume discounts available!

      • $12.50 each
      • 10 or more for $12.25/bag
      • 40 or more for $12.00/bag
      Feeding Instructions:

      Equidyne Complete Horse Pellets are formulated for mature horses. Feed at a rate of 1.5 to 2% of body weight per day depending on body condition and work intensity. For example, a 1000 lb horse would receive 20 lb of Equidyne Complete Horse Pellets per day. It is recommended to divide the total daily intake (i.e. 20 lb) into a mininum of two (2) equal feedings (10 lb in the a.m. and 10 lb in the p.m.). In addition, all horses should have free choice salt and water.