Fast Back Instinct 4 Strand Head Team Rope 31'

Fast Back Instinct 4 Strand Head Team Rope 31'

Brand: Fast Back Ropes
Code: HDI



Category: Rope

Brand: Fast Back Ropes

Condition: New

  • 4 Strand Head Rope
  • Nylon/Poly Blend
  • Length: 31'
  • Weight: Light
  • Lays: Extra Extra Soft, Extra Soft, Soft, Medium Soft

Built to meet ropers' demand for a small rope with a lot of tip weight. This tip weight helps maintain feel for accurate delivery. Fast Back Ropes General Manager, Al Benson, started developing the Instinct over six months ago. Utilizing valuable feedback from professional ropers, along with Benson’s expertise, has resulted in a smooth and fast 4-strand that ropers are sure to love.

The Instinct is a nylon poly blended 4-strand with a super smooth feel. This rope is the smallest rope Fast Back makes with extra poly added to have enough weight for excellent feel and performance. With the signature Fast Back body, this rope is ideal for ropers who want a rope that is super responsive, fast and smooth.

"We built the Instinct with more poly to make it slightly deader creating a rope that settles quickly without bounce." says Benson.

"The Instinct has a lot of body and it holds up exceptionally well," explains Patrick Smith, who was instrumental in the development of the rope. "What really excites me is these ropes maintain their good feel."