Heel-O-Matic Ground-Driven Team Roping  Dummy

Heel-O-Matic Ground-Driven Team Roping Dummy

Brand: Heel-O-Matic



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Category: Roping Dummy

Brand: Heel-O-Matic

Condition: New


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Why choose the Heel-O-Matic Ground Driven Trainer?

  • This model is the perfect choice for both headers and heelers
  • Families who rope together will especially love the Heel-O-Matic
  • Variable hopping speed adjustment
  • Patented Heel-O-Matic Hop allows for perfect timing practice
  • Variable pulley system mimics real life – faster pulling gives you faster hopping
  • This is Heel-O-Matic’s most popular model

For the ultimate team roping practice experience look no further than the Heel-O-Matic Ground Driven Trainer. The realistic patented “Heel-O-Matic Hop” is generated by a unique variable pulley system. The faster you pull the machine, the faster the steer hops, exactly mimicking the real life motion of a steer in tow.

With no battery, no motor, no solar panel, and not even a stitch of electrical wiring to worry about, the Heel-O-Matic is as easy as it gets. Fewer parts, lower maintenance and easier assembly all translate to less time working on your roping machine and more time in the saddle using it!

Product Specifications

  • Assembled Unit measures 50" x 44" x 46"
  • Horn spread is 21"
  • Assembled Heel-O-Matic weighs approximately 175 lbs
  • The Heel-O-Matic is durable, weather-resistant and virtually maintenance free
  • Full 1 year mechanical warranty
  • 14 day 100% money back guarantee

The Heel-O-Matic Trainer's Unique Advantages:

Heel-O-Matic allows you to customize your hop speed. With the unique variable pulley system you can easily select and change the ratio of pull speed to hop speed to meet your practice needs. You can slow down the hop at faster speeds or speed it up at a slower speed. Mechanical tension arms will maintain steady belt tension at any setting. Packed and sealed shaft bearings reduce friction and increase the life expectancy of your roping machine.

Every Heel-O-Matic Ground Driven Trainer is equipped with a turning head. A spring in the head gives the dummy a snappy, quick return and keeps the position steady when being pulled. The collapsible horns are tipped to eliminate hang-ups and give headers a smoother release. The back leg dally kit lets heelers practice hard hits and accuracy.

You can’t truly appreciate the realistic Heel-O-Matic hop unless you spend a little time watching the natural movement of a roping steer, especially while he is being pulled by a header. The hips and rear legs move in a rhythmic circular pattern. Heel-O-Matic has studied and carefully replicated this pattern for the most accurate movement you can find in a team roping training machine. This is extremely important – if there is just a front to back swing in the rear legs, the machine can’t ‘hop’ over the top strand of your loop. This could cause you to develop a false sense of timing.

Shorter skids give you increased maneuverability for tighter turns and more realistic run patterns. In addition, the Heel-O-Matic carries most of it’s weight on the skids. This provides a smooth pull and less compaction in the arena.

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★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Summer
Best price, fastest shipping, and amazing product Cool horse had the best price, fastest shipping, and the heel o matic has greatly improved our roping! Thank you Cool horse and Heel O Matic!