Hoofjack Standard

Hoofjack Standard

Brand: Hoofjack
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Category: Farrier Supplies



Winner of the 2001 Most Innovative New Horse Product of the year! Features a straight post, and a cradle, that change out in seconds. Allows farrier to change shoeing posture without having to drop the hoof. Dramatically reduces the risk of getting stuck with a nail. Accommodates older horses with limited range of motion. Two large magnets are mounted on the base to hold rasps, nails, hoof pick. etc. Take your mind off your back and knees and put it back on your work. -BEST SELLER!-

The standard base is made of linear polyethylene and is 12'' in height and with a base diameter of 18''. Overall height adjustment is 14'' - 22''. The base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage.