Fast Back Iron Silk 3 Strand Calf Rope

Fast Back Iron Silk 3 Strand Calf Rope

Brand: Fast Back Ropes
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Category: Rope

Brand: Fast Back Ropes

Condition: New

  • 3 Strand
  • Texturized Polyester
  • 100% American Made
  • Extra Soft
  • Tough and Reliable
  • The Iron Silk calf rope made by Fast Back Ropes is good quality rope. It is 100% American-made texturized polyester and feels remarkably like a traditional poly-grass. This calf rope is extremely tough and reliable. The Iron Silk is extra-soft.
    "From the beginning, these ropes have been consistent and felt great. I've always struggled with the high maintenance of poly-grass ropes. I pull the Iron Silk out and use it anytime while other guys are worrying about how the heat will affect their rope. These ropes are tough and I don't have to worry about them breaking. There's absolutely no maintenance to these ropes. And since using them, I've started winning more"
    - Jerome Schneeberger, WNFR Champion and 11-Time Qualifier
    Introduced to the Fast Back poly, the Iron Silk, at the Spicer Gripp Memorial roping in Hereford, Texas, Marty Jones has been hooked ever since. "The Iron Silk gives me a truer go than a traditional poly rope. Stretch in a rope results in inconsistency in a run due to the recoil, and it's hard to predict when and how much it will hit. The Iron Silk allows me to be more consistent and faster since I don't have to compensate for this. I can use the same Iron Silk in both steer roping and tie down roping and I like the convenience. With the low maintenance and great feel, the Iron Silk is my rope of choice."
    - Marty Jones