Tod Slone 1" Felt Contoured Saddle Pad

Tod Slone 1" Felt Contoured Saddle Pad

Brand: Tod Slone
Code: PO100


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Category: Saddle Pad

Brand:Tod Slone


  • Contoured to fit horse's back, which allows saddle to fit properly.
  • 100% wool provides for comfort and care for horses's back.
  • Cut out in front lets saddle fit lower to reduce leverage from saddle horn to horses back.
  • Heavily oiled wear leather provide longevity.
  • Absorbs more shock than rubber pads.
  • Medium 30x32.
  • Large 32X32.

One of our best selling felt pads. Tod Slone felt pads are contoured to your horses's back, letting you get a very good fit the first time you saddle up with it. 1" shock-absorbing felt that is split down the back to flex with your horse as well.