White Rattler Racer Piggin Strings
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White Rattler Racer Piggin Strings

Brand: Rattler Ropes
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Category: Roping Supplies

Brand: Rattler Ropes

Condition: New

You don't have to be World Champion Cody Ohl to add speed to your tie. You just have to use Racer Piggin Strings. Made from 100% nylon, and finished with a special penetrative wax that permeates the string's fiber, Racer strings create just the right balance and body for a super swift tie. Complete with hand-sewn rawhide burners and an exhaustive sizing selection for the perfect lay, nothing comes close to Racer Piggin Strings.

  • RED EYE - 3/16"
  • BLACK EYE - FULL 1/4"
  • PURPLE EYE - 5/16"