RopeSmart Red Hornet Horn Wrap- Single

RopeSmart Red Hornet Horn Wrap- Single

Brand: RopeSmart

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Category: Roping Supplies



RopeSmart's Horn Wrap Red Hornet "Extra Soft" for Head or Heal.   The Red Hornet Wrap is Extra Soft, giving the rope a deep set. More depth, more contact, more grab. This wrap out preformed all red bands and other red strips period when tested on RopeSmart Dally Buster Machine.

As with all Smart Wraps, the base of the horn is sealed which adds an extra level of safety, all the while saving on ropes!

The Smart Wraps patented design also seals off the base of the saddle horn, helping prevent ropes from becoming stuck under or into the horn. This adds up for a safer roping experience, less ruined jeans, and less unintentional rope slippage. All resulting in higher winning percentages. When properly installed and instructions followed, each Smart Wrap is Guaranteed to save a minimum of one rope per wrap! This for the average roper, and rope prices being what they are today, makes the implementation of RopeSmart Smart Wraps essentially free.

Invest today in the one thing that ties all your time, talent, and entry fees, to the horse powering your roping program...your saddle horn!