RopeSmart Switch Blade Roping Machine

RopeSmart Switch Blade Roping Machine

Brand: RopeSmart
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Category: Roping Dummy



The patent pending Switch is the first pulled Roping Sled to emulate a steer going through the corner. The proper entry into the corner, is the most important part of acquiring perfect position, and pulling off consistent heel shots. For Headers the variation in head height, angles and horn lengths bring so much more to the game, than the typical "free throw shot" that others offer. Visual guides help a header gain perfect position every time whether training a horse or roper. The removable blocker rods for either end force a level of correctness that is normally only seen in the top ropers. NOW ADDED  The SWITCH BLADE!!

The BLADE brings it all!  The widest leg set, Realistic Switch to the hips, A Hop that will challenge you not only wait for the perfect shot, but actually move the legs to a realistic position of "out of time" .  The SWITCH BLADE , does not give you a hop or kick that is easily ropable at any point of the stride.  Already Proven to improve position, and delivery, now add in a Hop!  The Hop that is not only a true Scientific Based Challenge, but forces a roper to read and time a steer!  ROPE - REAL - WIN !  This is not a fad or hype, this is the real deal!  Diversity, Position guides, Truly improves timing, and improves consistency!

- With the SWITCH Roping Dummies, Taking everything from the ground work, to horse work, to the winners circle!

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