Professional's Choice Large Black Slick Bands

Professional's Choice Large Black Slick Bands

Brand: Professional's Choice

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Category: Healthcare

Brand:Professional's Choice


Made of elastic not rubber Tail Tamer Slick Bands by Professional’s Choice won’t pull, tangle, or snarl your horse’s hair. These bands are Large bands to keep from breaking and for the horses with thicker main and tails. Use Slick Bands with new elastic material to eliminate tangle and broken ends in horses mane or tail. Slick Elastic Material Eliminates Tangles, Pulling and Broken Ends Comes packed In Resealable Bag, 400 Bands Per Bag won’t Dry Out Like Rubber Braiding Bands. Use For Braiding Horse Manes. Tail Tamer is a brand of quality grooming products created and backed by people who know animals. Made of top-quality materials and offered at the fairest price. Bringing you the best in horse and animal grooming products!