Smarty the Steer Team Roping Dummy

Smarty the Steer Team Roping Dummy

Brand: Smartroping



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  • Realistic Corner for Heelers- This was Allen's main focus in building Smarty. Riding your horse in the correct position is vital to increasing your odds of catching. If you use a machine that cuts the corner when it turns, it forces you to compensate by adjusting your position. Now, with Smarty, you can ride in the same position as you would in a live run.
  • Realistic Dallying-Smarty's legs come together and pull back like a real steer. The combination of the expanding hitch and legs mimic the jerk you get in a live run.
  • Realistic Legs-Smarty's legs are solid and not like the plastic leg on other machines. Because of this, when your rope hits the legs, they feel and sound authentic.
  • Easy to Pull-Smarty rides on wide skis and is light-weight so that your ATV doesn't take the wear and tear you would get with heavier machines.
  • Easy to Break Down-Have you ever wanted to take your roping dummy apart and take it with you? Now you can. Just pull a few pins and you can load it in your truck or trailer by yourself.
  • Removable Body-Take the Smarty body off and rope it on the ground. The body was perfectly designed as a ground dummy so that Smarty would be all you need for your practice sessions. Also, heelers can rope the legs like a saw horse once the body is removed.
  • Turn-Loose Horns-These aren't your normal turn-loose horns. Now headers can make a full run and when they face, the rope will pop off from the front.
  • Horns Length- 25 inches
  • Dimensions- 47' X 39' X 46'

This team roping machine has turned into one of our best selling team roping dummies for two reasons; it's very realistic and it is less expensive than the others! Get yours today in either black or green!

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Learn in this blog why Smarty doesn't hop by design.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Vernon College
Correct Fundamentals As a rodeo coach, I bought this originally to help save runs on our practice cattle. After roping it a lot with our rodeo kids, I have realized that it makes it easier to make adjustments to your swing and delivery at the slower pace. Since the feet don't "hop" you have to throw a fundamentally correct loop in front of his back feet in order to catch. The Smarty handles on the corner very similar to live cattle, and I love that you can dally on the back legs. We also spend a lot of time roping the Smarty horseback standing still for the repetition.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. K marie Great practice!!!! We bought our smarty 7 months ago and have used it a ton. It's great for a controlled practice and to keep your horses and your self working correct. We have already started many colts behind it and they really seem to hook on to it. The colts carry what they have learned over to real steers and it makes easy. We love our smarty!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. wade
Best training tool you will ever buy for roping! There is no better roping tool for you and your horses! Young and old ropers and enjoy roping smarty! This is a fun tough dummy. Headers can remove the body and rope horns. It does not eat get sick and no cleaning it pen! Try 1 you will order 1!