Speed Steer Black Roping Dummy

Speed Steer Black Roping Dummy

Brand: Rope It Up

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Category: Roping Dummy

Brand:Rope It Up


Horns are included
  • 1 set of short horns (28" horn spread)
  • 1 set of long horns (33.5" horn spread)
  • Realistic steer body

The BEST all-around Team Roping - ground dummy on the market at the best price and lowest shipping cost

The speed steer is realistic, life-sized and is made of durable plastic that is sure to give you the look and feel of a real roping steer.

The height makes it possible to rope it from the ground and from a sled. The Speed Steer is also very stable and light weight.

Weighing only 35 pounds, the speed steer is easy to carry to any location with its built-in handle. No more worrying about horns falling off or constantly rotating. Easy, adjustable mounting screws keep horns tightly in place. Getting a speed steer makes life easier