Classic Equine 7-1/2in Performance Chain Bit
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Classic Equine 7-1/2in Performance Chain Bit

Brand: Classic Equine
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Category: Bit

Brand:Classic Equine


  • 7-1/2in Cheek
  • 2-1/2in Purchase
  • 5in Shank
  • Sweet iron mouthpiece
  • Comfortable and applies even pressure
  • Used properly, considerd a mild cheek
Classic Equine Bit Logic 7-1/2" Performance Chain Bit A good tool for reiterating bend and flex. Mild and pinchless sweet iron mouthpiece is comfortable and applies even pressure to the corners of the mouth and tongue. 7-1/2" Cheek Series. The 7-1/2" cheek style is the next line up in the tool box. Extremely versatile, it can be used for training drills, pleasure riding, or competition. This cheek has a 2-1/2" purchase with a 5" shank. The shank is swept back, like the 6" model, but to a lesser degree, which offers more leverage and control. The purchase/shank alignment ratio creates more pressure to all points of contact than the 6" design. When properly used and adjusted, it is still considered a mild cheek, but one with plenty of leverage to control the horse at increased speeds.