Total Equine Extruded Horse Feed Pellet 40 lb Bag

Total Equine Extruded Horse Feed Pellet 40 lb Bag

Brand: Total Feeds
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Category: Horse Feeds

Brand: Total Feeds

Condition: New

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Total Equine

Crude Protein 15%

Crude Fat 5%

Crude Fiber Minimum 20.0%

Volume discounts available!

  • $19.99 each
  • 10 or more for $19.75/bag
  • 40 or more for $19.50/bag


Alfalfa hay is the main source of fiber in Total Equine. It is formulated to provide the minimum fiber required by a horse in order to maintain normal gut motility and health. Due to the combination of nutrients and the extrusion process the roughage fed is more digestible. Many customers have reported 25 – 30% reductions in hay consumption when feeding Total Equine.


The protein in Total Equine is derived from alfalfa, rice bran, and natural oil meal. It also contains the added amino acids methionine and lysine, which insures an adequate balance of the essential amino acids required by the horse.


Minerals are the main building blocks for bones as well as being important for all chemical reactions in the body. Contains the major minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and sodium in the correct levels and ratios for maximum growth, activity and health.


Extruded grain is the major source of energy in Total Equine. The starch availability of the grain is over 90%, which insures the highest possible digestibility. This along with the highly digestible fiber in the alfalfa hay makes the entire ration highly digestible. This reduces the amount of waste produced by the horse.


Trace minerals are the catalysts for most chemical reactions in the body and some are important for antioxidant activities. Total Equine contains levels and ratios of all trace minerals with known requirements and is added at levels above those levels. This insures the horse will not be deficient in any trace mineral even under severe stress or hard work.