SS Roping Tuf Goat: Goat Tying Dummies

SS Roping Tuf Goat: Goat Tying Dummies

Brand: Tuf Kaf


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Category: Roping Dummy

Brand:Tuf Kaf


  • Weight approximately 16 lbs
  • 22" tall at the top of the back
  • 5.5" wide
  • 28" long

The Tuf Goat tying dummy from SS Roping can save you money while providing hours of realistic practice and entertainment. You don’t have to feed him. Water him. Build him a shelter or even a pen. You can throw him in the back of the truck, or trailer tack room, and you can even tie him in the living room! We don’t think moms would be too proud if you tried that last one with a live goat.

The realistic rubberized foam material used to make this life size goat is tough, durable, and long lasting – even if you store it outside. The realistic and anatomically correct legs are perfect practice for tying, and with leg bolts it can be customized for your style of gathering. The Tuf Goat is even comfortable to sit on and achieve your natural flank grip. This is the only goat on the market that allows you to properly practice your dismount – he stands up alone on a tethered rope – just like a real goat.

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