Tuf Kaf Calf Roping and Calf Tying Dummy Sled

Tuf Kaf Calf Roping and Calf Tying Dummy Sled

Brand: SS Roping


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Category: Roping Dummy

Brand: SS Roping

Condition: New

The Only Realistic Calf Roping Dummy On The Market

  • One Tough Calf
  • Realistic anatomically correct on all four legs
  • Bending knee joints in both Left and Right front legs
  • Only dummy you can practice tying two front and a hind leg
  • Realistic ball and socket joints with ligament-like springs
  • Durable Flexi-Foam Rubber (patent pending) for great rope action and comfortable to sit on when gathering and tying
  • Only Dummy you can ground rope, tie-down rope, breakaway, tune up horses and work on fundamentals
  • Assembled Unit: 48"X30"X40"
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Tie right or left handed
  • Perfect for roping clinics
  • Portable: total weight (140 lbs) so it fits in the back of most pickup trucks

Tuf Kaf: A Complete Calf Roping Training System

  • Breakaway roping
  • Horse training: keep your horse rating, stopping, & working the rope
  • Tie down roping: a controlled safer atmosphere
  • Train young horses
  • Tune up seasoned calf horses
  • Ground roping dummy

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