Ty Tuff Goat Tying Dummies

Ty Tuff Goat Tying Dummies

Brand: Ty Tuff



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Category: Roping Dummy

Brand: Ty Tuff

Condition: New

  • Height: 22"
  • Length of Block: 20"
  • Weights 8 lbs

For goat tyers, there is no better practice tool than the TY TUFF goat tying dummy. This Ty Tuff goat tying dummy stands tall with movable legs that are excellent to practice tying. Proportions are comparable to a medium sized goat that is about 22" tall. This teaching aid was designed by nationally-recognized instructor Deb Gunderson to help her students practice and understand the basics of goat tying. Ty Tuff Dummies can help beginners learn the basics or help more advanced tyers perfect their game. At only 8 lbs, the Ty Tuff allows you to practice repetition and build muscle memory without struggling with the weight of a live goat. This will help you improve your technique to become accurate and consistent, all while shaving time off the clock.

This is a durable, full size dummy with flexible, life like legs that give you a realistic simulation of a live goat. Small and portable enough to use anywhere, pack the Ty Tuff in the trailer or bring him inside to practice when the outdoor conditions aren’t favorable. You can even warm up before events using the Ty Tuff dummy to help you prepare and focus on the task at hand.

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